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    plot line
    The four clans are living peacefully for many moons, but there is a prophecy that will change the four clans fates entirely. An unknown natural disaster will soon hit all four clans and they will have to work together to stay alive. Their unending rivalry will be in the way of their survival...it is said that the fate of the clans are in the paws of the four leaders of the clans.

    Hello there and welcome to wsrpg! Not only do we role-play, but we also discuss about the warriors series. If you have any questions try checking out the FAQ beforehand or you can private message a staff member. If you haven't already, be sure to have read over the SITE RULES as well as the current PLOT LINE. Do note that staff members are human too, but we're not afraid to bring out our virtual baseball bats if we need to. big grin 

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