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    First begin reading everything posted in this forum.

    You then may begin creating your character in the applications forum. It is important to have looked into the following threads to make sure your character's name isn't already taken, the clan you choose isn't so popular, and what not.

    Once your character has been accepted you can start role-playing or creating some threads in the character stuff forum like:

    • ETC

    You can also find your character's own mentor or apprentice in this board as well. Make sure to report in the apprentice & mentor roster your character's name and clan and whose their mentor/apprentice.

    To audition for a high position there is a role-play sample field and that's it really. Remember that leaders, deputies, and medicine cats have a longer history! Keep in mind that leaders are usually 30 months old or so and deputies can be somewhere around 20 months old and up.

    Hello there and welcome to wsrpg! Not only do we role-play, but we also discuss about the warriors series. If you have any questions try checking out the FAQ beforehand or you can private message a staff member. If you haven't already, be sure to have read over the SITE RULES as well as the current PLOT LINE. Do note that staff members are human too, but we're not afraid to bring out our virtual baseball bats if we need to. big grin 

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