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    THE CLANS {places}


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    THE CLANS {places}

    Post by BAEKI on Thu Jul 17, 2014 11:12 am

    The following are places that all of the clans have of their own.

    ● leader's den - the place where the leader resides.

    ● medicine cat's den - a place where sick or injured cats go.

    ● elders den - the place where older cats sleep and eat.

    ● warriors den - where all the warriors including the senior warriors rest in.

    ● apprentices den - a place where the apprentices are situated in.

    ● nursery - the place where queens nurse kits as well as give birth to them.

    The following places are used for the clan's leader to call out a meeting.

    ● Thunderclan's Highrock
    ● Windclan's Tallrock
    ● Riverclan's Meeting Stone
    ● Shadwoclan's Smooth Boulder

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